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Ansel Elgort in nominated for THREE Young Hollywood Awards! He’s nominated in Fan Favorite Actor – Male, Breakthrough Actor and Best On-Screen Couple (with Shailene Woodley). You can vote for Fan Favorite Actor  HERE, one vote per person and votings closes July 18th.

Fan Favorite Actor – Male
Adam Driver
Ansel Elgort
Andrew Garfield
Liam Hemsworth
Jonah Hill
Josh Hutcherson
Theo James
Michael B. Jordan
Taylor Lautner
Aaron Paul
Andy Samberg
Channing Tatum

Breakthrough Actor
Sam Claflin
Ansel Elgort
Dylan O’Brien
Miles Teller
Nat Wolff

Best On-Screen Couple
Mayim Bialik/Jim Parsons (The Big Bang Theory)
Chris Colfer/Darren Criss (Glee)
Emma Stone/Andrew Garfield (The Amazing Spider-Man 2)
Shailene Woodley/Ansel Elgort (The Fault in Our Stars)
Shailene Woodley/Theo James (Divergent)

The show will air on Monday, July 28th on The CW!

Ansel Elgort is nominated for his first Teen Choice Award in Choice Movie Actor:Drama! ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ is also nominated in Choice Movie: Drama. You can vote for him HERE everyday.

Choice Movie Actor: Drama
Bradley Cooper, American Hustle
Russell Crowe, Noah
Jason Dohring, Veronica Mars
Ansel Elgort, The Fault in Our Stars
Jon Hamm, Million Dollar Arm

Choice Movie: Drama
American Hustle
Heaven is for Real
Million Dollar Arm
The Fault in Our Stars
Veronica Mars

The show will air on SundayAugust 10th on FOX!

Ansel Elgort is featured on Dazed Magazine last issue. Read the interview below and check the pics in our gallery:


  • x002 | Photoshoots 2014: Dazed

A long time ago – like, we’re talking July last year – I called up the famous fashion photographer Arthur Elgort to chat about his trip to China with Linda Evangelista. Before hanging up, he said, “My youngest son is Ansel Elgort. He’s going to come out in a movie soon that’s going to make him big time.” That movie was Carrie – the Kimberly Peirce remake of Stephen King’s telekinetic thriller starring Chloë Grace Moretz.

Arthur Elgort was right. He did make it big time. “He believes in me,” smiles Ansel when I tell him about our exchange. He’s sat in the Soho Hotel, legs sprawled across the coffee table between us, munching on caramel corn. With only three films to date, the youngest Elgort is already girding his loins from the clamouring Tumblr ‘shippers‘ (vehement fans who pair two people in a dream relationship). In The Fault in Our Stars, Ansel plays Augustus Waters: a cocksure hunk in remission who falls for Hazel Grace Lancaster (played by herbal hottie and homemade toothpaste guru Shailene Woodley). Together, they trek to Amsterdam to visit Lancaster’s favourite author, Peter Van Houten. What really happens, though, is a deluge from the beginning of the second act when the floodgates burst. You’ll sob in this movie, I swear. This acerbic account of young teenage love thriving despite being diagnosed with a terminal illness “says important things about sick people, shoots down the stereotypes,” says Elgort. So for those of you that get this, bring tissues along when you go. Okay? Okay.

Did you ever get to use Shailene’s herbal toothpaste?

Ansel Elgort: She offered it to me, the toothpaste, but I’m okay with Crest (laughs). She would give me stuff and I’d just eat it. I’m down for whatever, if you wanna give me something I’ll drink your drink – the thing about it is if she’s drinking it you know it’s probably not bad for you.

And? How’d you feel?

Ansel Elgort: I wouldn’t feel bad, I never got sick or anything. The funny thing is that with Shailene if you ask her what things are good for, she’ll like tell you for 95% of the things – the reason they’re good for you is like, “This is good for digestion.” It’s like everything is good for digestion now.

How’d you guys first meet?

Ansel Elgort: It was during the audition for Divergent. There weren’t sparks. We played brother and sister the first time we met. Shailene is a big presence, she dominates whatever scene she’s in. If the actor she’s with isn’t good, she’s going to dominate the shit out of them and it’s going to be a mess. So it needs to be someone who’s a strong enough actor. So you have to think about how can you beat her in that scene, because she’s trying to beat you.

There’re all these hilarious things on Tumblr which create entire narratives from out of context gifs. Are they creepy to you?

Ansel Elgort: They all like to ‘ship’ us (see Shansel). We’re not a thing. I think that’s really helpful – that we weren’t a thing. I’m really comfortable being open around her because I’m not like, ‘Oh no, I have to watch my step. I don’t want to date my co-star.’ There’s no pressure there. There’s no sexual tension between us, it’s all just friendship.

Read the full article HERE.

Ansel Elgort talks his style with GQ Magazine:


Ansel Elgort is featured in july’s GQ Magazine issue. Check the pics in our gallery: